Ducted Air Conditioning Systems...

Ducted air conditioning gives you the flexibility you desire for heating and cooling comfort in every room within your home, larger office or business space. Depending of enough roof and or under floor space is available to fit the system. They can be installed in your new home during the building process or to your existing home with ease.


Evolve Air Conditioning installs most major brands including:

  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Actron
  • Panasonic


A Ducted system consists of an indoor unit (fancoil) and an outdoor unit (condenser) with flexible ducting running to outlets in each room with the air coming out of grilles.  These systems can be zoned or non- zoned to suit your requirements.  Zoning allows you to individually run particular sections of your home which can also lower the running costs.


Ducted systems are controlled by simple to use wall control panels, all functions will be explained to you on completion of installation.

Wi-Fi Technology...

Wi-Fi Control unlocks the door to smarter cooling and heating. Use your smartphone, tablet or online account to monitor and control your Air Conditioning system where ever you are.


Just imagine the convenience of waking up in the morning and turning on your air conditioner before getting out of bed using your smartphone. Turn on your air conditioner from work so it is the perfect temperature when you get home, or even turn it off when you are out if you forgot to when you were leaving home. That’s convenient comfort!


*Compatible air conditioners and devices only

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