Split Air Conditioning Systems...

Split air conditioning systems are a simple and effective way of cooling or heating rooms within your home, office or business.


The two most common split systems are the high wall and floor console; they are designed to be compact and as non obtrusive as possible.


A Split system is made up of an indoor unit (fancoil) and an outdoor unit (condenser) with cables and refrigerant pipes running between.  Any exposed refrigerant piping and cables is covered neatly in colourbond trunking to match the exterior of the building.


The system is controlled by a hand held remote control and in some cases a WiFi controller may be available depending on the brand / manufacturer you wish to install.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems...

Multi-split air conditioning system is suited to people wanting to heat or cool more than one room without stretching the budget to a fully ducted system.


A Multi-split system can have multiple indoor (fancoil) units running from the one outdoor unit (condenser) saving space along the exterior of the building.


With a Multi-split system it allows you to control the temperatures in the different rooms / areas. Like the individual split systems each indoor unit is supplied with a hand held remote control.

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